NEW! Hand Sanitizer and Social Distancing Solution for Business.

Policy Rules and Compliance Business Solution

Smart Hand Sanitizer

Touchless Hand Sanitizer

Bluetooth Beacon - Communicates with iOS and Andriod Devices

Software Development Kit (SDK) - Integrates With Your App or Ours

Record Employee Usage - Compliance Alerts and Notifications

21.5" Digital Display with Content Management System

  -  Employee Compliance Report

  -  Personalized Content

Proximity App

iOS and Andriod Support

Alerts and Notifications

Proximity and Distance

Hand Sanitizer Communication

Employee Compliance Reports

Employee Compliance Recommendations

Social Distancing – Proximity and Compliance

App Monitors Proximity Device (employee)

Triggered Alerts – Social Distance Compliance

  -  Distance

  -  Duration

  -  Location

Social Distancing Policy Enforcement


Identifies Employee Gathering (clustering)

Data gather through App, Hand Sanitizer Station and Beacons

Reports on Policy and Compliance

Employee Notifications and Alerts

Administrator Portal

Setup and Management Becons, Hand Sanitizer Stations, and CMS

Define Social Distance and Sanitizer Policy and Compliance

Create Boolean Rules and Logic

Create Muliple Templates

Wide Variety of Employee and Administrator Reports

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